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Glasgow Coma Scale

Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale is an assessment tool used in cases of traumatic brain injury. This is an easy to use chart for the EMT and EMS provider.

Glasgow Coma Scale TBI Posturing

One way to remember the difference between decorticate and decerebrate posturing is to visualize decorticate as being toward the core.

The GCS Score is obtained by adding the value of each each section. The minimum score is 3 (worst case) and 15.

E + M + V = GCS Score

13-15 – Mild
9-12 – Moderate Disability
3-8 – Severe Disability

90% of patients with a score less than or equal to 8 are in coma. Coma is defined as not opening eyes, not obeying commands, and not uttering understandable words.

Glasgow Coma Scale
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